Fly Fishing For Redfish In SC

Hey Fishing Fam! Captain Stephen here with your weekly fishing report.

With the redfish keyed in on tiny shrimp and fry-sized baits this time of year, there is no better time than now to catch one of these beautiful fish on a fly rod. 

As the days shorten and winter nears I like later morning and early afternoon low tides when looking for redfish. With lower tides later in the day, the water warms faster as the sun has time to hit the exposed mud flats. When water rises with the incoming tide, it warms quickly which makes for happier fish. 

Redfish Fly Fishing Off The Coast Of Charleston Area

To locate schools of redfish, I like to idle near large shallow flats and look for schools of mullet, birds circling in the sky or birds feeding in shallow water. Shrimp jumping out of the water is a great clue that there are fish nearby. 

Another method (my favorite) is to make your way to the very end of smaller tidal creeks. Small creeks with oyster bars in the mouth that you can barely get your boat over at low tide normally are the best ones. Go slow as fish can be lurking near oyster bars or depressions behind oyster bars in these creeks. Smaller Shallow drafting boats are best for these creek fishing operations. This is why I fish from an 18ft aluminum boat. Creek fishing is a great way to spend a windy day on the water as you generally are below the grass line which helps cut down the wind. 

Redfish Caught On Fly Fishing Gear Off Of The Coast Of Charleston
Fly Fishing Gear And Equipment

If you look down in the water and see muddy poofs, more than likely you spooked redfish. 

An 8wt fly rod is a great choice for these adventures. A good quality line is crucial for good casts and some shrimp and crustacean imitations are great choices for flies. Being able to double haul your fly line while casting is a skill I highly recommend learning as it makes your fly fishing experience much smoother in windier conditions. Flip Pallot and Lefty Kreh have some great videos on YouTube instructing this technique.

These next couple of months are my favorite time to flyfish for redfish here in the lowcountry of South Carolina, get out on the water and go fishing! 

Capt. Stephen Flook Jr 

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