Happy Thanksgiving – Winter Is Coming!

Hey Fishing Fam! Captain Stephen here with your weekly fishing report.

It looks like we are finally going to start getting the winter weather patterns I have been anxiously waiting for. Cold fronts are on the way and the fishing should settle in to a more stable pattern. Last week we had large tides and tons of wind that dirtied up the water. We still managed 25 fish on some tougher weather days. Whenever we found clean water, we got on the fish. When the water is stained, one of my go-to colors is the Zman Tater Salad MinnowZ smothered in procure scent. This bait covers 3 of the fish’s senses-sight, sound, and scent. The bright Chertruese tail not only draws attention but also provides vibration in the water. Procure scent helps those weary fish commit to the plastic. 

The water temperature rose to around 60 degrees and is on its way back into the 50’s thankfully. With afternoon low tides coming, look for schools of redfish up shallow basquing over mud bottoms. Lighten up your braid to 6 or 8lb test so you can make long casts to these schools and keep them happy. 

On higher water, look for a stellar trout bite. Clean moving water is the key for trout. A couple of days ago I fished around Isle of Palms and almost every creek mouth I casted my jig to I caught a trout on the falling tide. Expect that bite to continue through the end of the year. 

In other news I am happy to announce I will be doing weekly reports for the Salt Strong Insider Club for the McClellanville region. Salt Strong produces high quality content through their mastery courses that I have taken and I highly recommend them to all anglers of all skill levels. They also make some very productive lures and colors including the Slam Shady color, one of my go-to colors. That said, poke over to their website and become a member. They provide so much value for the dollar. 

Thanks again for checking out my reports and making it this far down the page-it’s 11:46pm and the alarm is set to go off at 4am so I better close this out. I couldn’t be more thankful to God to get to do what I’m doing. 

See y’all soon. 

Tight lines, 

Capt. Stephen

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